Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Floral Pumpkins

So today I was feeling a little crafty and I needed to use the supplies I bought a couple weeks ago.  I bought some foam pumpkins, a few bunches of artificial fall flowers, and some ribbon (all from Michael's craft store).  I knew the flowers would be way too many for just one arrangement so I did buy 2 pumpkins and I am giving one to my sister-in-law.  I hope she likes it!  These were SO easy to make. I didn't realize the pumpkins were foam all the way through-so I thought I was going to have to cut the top off and put floral foam inside-but when I stuck my knife in I realized what they were.  So-all I had to do was poke in the stems-and voila-a beautiful arrangement.  I  made the bows and these both took me about 45 minutes to make. So simple.

Now I have to decide which one I want to keep and which one I am going to give away. I think I will let Ryder decide. :)

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