Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hump day

So here it is-a Wednesday. The week is half over already.  Monday evening Ryder helped me shuck (is that the right word?) some corn so we could have corn on the cob with our supper.  I tried a recipe with beef short ribs-needless to say we won't be having that again! But the corn, potatoes, and cucumber salad were delightful.

Our little dog finally decided he wanted to see Ryder off to school yesterday. He is a lazy dog and doesn't like to get up very early. But who can blame him-he's 11 years old so in dog years that is 77! He watched Ryder walk out to the bus and growled and whined when the bus came and left with his boy. It was a cute little sight to see.

Yesterday I picked all my garden produce that I could as we're in a frost warning for 2 nights here. I covered up my tomatoes and peppers and left the rest. Ryder informed me that it looks like we are growing blankets in our garden. Ha!  This morning I put my tomatoes to use and made 6 quarts of garden special. They are cooling on the counter and popping as I type. I would have loved to use green peppers out of my own garden but they just didn't produce (yet) this year. I did pick some jalepenos, so if I get the energy one of these fine days I will make a few pints of salsa.

So here I am-less than 2 hours from Ryder getting home from school, thinking I may just scrapbook! I haven't done so in quite some time-so it would be a great thing to do for an hour or so. Yesterday I spent a better part of my afternoon looking at wonderful crafts I could create and adding them to my Pinterest website. Oh that reminds me!!  I did re-paint my chalk board yesterday. It was a chalkboard we had growing up, and my mom was going to put it in a rummage sale a couple years ago. I snatched it back. Now I just need to sand the outer edges and figure out what to do with them and I can hang it up in my kitchen. I am thinking of making it my "Menu" board.

I just want to share a few of the things I have done that are crafty in my house. The first is my old window that I stuck a vinyl saying on for my laundry room. I just painted the wood white, stuck on the vinyl and Voila!

I also did a mirror with a vinyl cut out. The mirror frame was an ugly gold color so I spray painted it a bronzy color. It now hangs inside my front door.  I still don't quite like it there-but it will do for now.

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