Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One down

Well, we all survived the first full week of school--only....I have no clue how many more. Too many! This is a short week due to Monday being Labor Day.  Ryder comes home each night and we ask him what he learned today. His reply is normally, "you don't need to know what I do everyday!" Oh yes I do I tell him. He tells us the letter he learned that day and what sound it makes and the word that goes with it, along with a hand signal for it. He seems to really be enjoying learning. He is always saying words now and sounding out the first letter of it to see what it starts with. Tonight he wrote 1's all over a piece of paper. He thought he should practice them. Ha!!!

 We spent the weekend on the sailboat. We sailed to Indian Hills Friday evening after school. We ended up staying there until Sunday morning as Saturday turned out to be a very windy day, too much wind for this kid.  We had a fun day though--we took a hike and Ryder found a little friend we named Fuzzy, we played games, met some new friends, and just hung out.   Sunday morning we awoke to abundant sunshine and not much wind, but we motored out into the main channel and gave it our all to sail. We got a few gusts every now and then to give us hope. We were annoyed with tiny flying bugs for about 30 minutes, they made a terrible mess all over the cockpit, so I did a little (over-due I might add) scrubbing and cleaning.  We made it back to the marina around 6pm.

We got home, put away the food and went out to visit with Eric and see the kids for awhile. We were all pretty tired it seemed. That sun and slight breeze on the lake wore us out. Back to another week of work and school today.  I did laundry, shredded zucchini to freeze, vaccumed a little, mowed the lawn, picked cucumbers, slopped the hogs,  oh wait-no no--I was on a roll there!!  I still miss my little man every day while he's in school, I just can't wait to see him step off that bus at 3:25pm!! 

Last night was my first Lupron shot. They aren't too bad so far-but then I read the side-effects. I hope I don't get any of the 20-30 listed!!  I think they should just list the things you won't feel-it would be a shorter list I swear. Ryder likes to watch me poke myself. Last night he asked if that was the baby making medicine again.  Too funny--it is in a round about way. My bed is calling me--I must go.

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