Friday, August 16, 2013


Sooooo....where did the last 5 months go? Hmm...well-here's the skinny on what's been going on with the Hagel's:

We moved out of our house in June-took longer with the bank, of course.

We finally closed on our land deal last week. Yes-last week. And the land owners screwed us over-that's putting it lightly. But it's done and we officially own 15 acres.
Our house is up and is almost ready for shingles.
I miss having a house-this living in a camper ordeal is getting old.
We've been living in the camper on my parents farm for the summer so that's been good for Ryder-getting to play, swim, have kitties, help on the farm.
We named our new place-Hagel's Hideout. Quay and Ryder got me a big metal sign that needs to be hung yet. I designed it myself. :)
Ryder will be starting 2nd grade next week. :(   Boo.
Ready for some normalcy. Whatever that may be.
Building a house is stressful.
So that's been our summer in a nutshell.
We could use a vacation but that would mean spending money that we just don't have right now-so we'll just have to pretend we went somewhere. 
Not living in a house all summer has really put into perspective what a person misses the most. I think I miss my washer and dryer the most. If a person can love an appliance in their house-that would be my soul mate. As much as I hate doing laundry-my Maytag front loaders made it very easy and quick. I can't wait to get them back out of storage.  Next would have to be a real closet and dressers.  I have clothes stuck everywhere in the camper for the 3 of us and it's no fun fitting them all in.
Okay-that's it for now.
Here's our house-thought I better share.