Wednesday, September 11, 2013


What do you do for a loved one that is hurting so badly, but you don't know what to do for them?
You listen and just be there for them.
You don't have advice because you haven't personally been through what they are going through. You make sure they know you love them and will help them in any way you can. 
You pray for them, for the healing of their heart.
I have gone through a heartbreak in my life that no one in my family had experienced-and they were there for me. They didn't know what to say or do or how to act. But they did what they could.
Now, I am here for my brother. I am here to help him to the best ability that I can.
The bible tells us that if we just believe in Jesus and have faith, pray about everything and don't worry-that we will experience God's peace. 
This isn't always an easy thing to follow and do-but we must try. 
We must have faith.
Faith that God has a plan for all of us, we just have to trust in his timing.
Even if it isn't right in our minds as the right time.

Friday, August 16, 2013


Sooooo....where did the last 5 months go? Hmm...well-here's the skinny on what's been going on with the Hagel's:

We moved out of our house in June-took longer with the bank, of course.

We finally closed on our land deal last week. Yes-last week. And the land owners screwed us over-that's putting it lightly. But it's done and we officially own 15 acres.
Our house is up and is almost ready for shingles.
I miss having a house-this living in a camper ordeal is getting old.
We've been living in the camper on my parents farm for the summer so that's been good for Ryder-getting to play, swim, have kitties, help on the farm.
We named our new place-Hagel's Hideout. Quay and Ryder got me a big metal sign that needs to be hung yet. I designed it myself. :)
Ryder will be starting 2nd grade next week. :(   Boo.
Ready for some normalcy. Whatever that may be.
Building a house is stressful.
So that's been our summer in a nutshell.
We could use a vacation but that would mean spending money that we just don't have right now-so we'll just have to pretend we went somewhere. 
Not living in a house all summer has really put into perspective what a person misses the most. I think I miss my washer and dryer the most. If a person can love an appliance in their house-that would be my soul mate. As much as I hate doing laundry-my Maytag front loaders made it very easy and quick. I can't wait to get them back out of storage.  Next would have to be a real closet and dressers.  I have clothes stuck everywhere in the camper for the 3 of us and it's no fun fitting them all in.
Okay-that's it for now.
Here's our house-thought I better share.


Thursday, March 28, 2013


I know I have been slacking on this. It sucks.

So much to catch up on. 
 Our house is sold, just waiting on a closing date from the bank.
Our new house should be getting a start today.
Our land deal is STILL not done-waiting on some paperwork from seller. Sick of waiting.
 Our house got hit by a car at 2am about a month ago-so that's been very stressful dealing with the insurance companies.
Packing is going slow-I did pack a whole trailer worth, but it's come to a halt at the moment.
I am ready for spring.
So last night as we were watching "The Bible" I was in total awe.  The program was showing when Jesus walked down to meet John the Baptist as he was baptizing people in the water. I swear my heart almost stopped beating as I thought about the feeling I would have looking into the face of Jesus for the first time.
 What a glorious day that will be!!
I got a true relaxed feeling overwhelm me as I watched, thinking of that moment. Even as I think of it now, tears fill my eyes, and joy fills my heart. Oh what a day it's going to be when I see the face of God! He has helped me  through so much in  my life, and I just praise him for his never ending love!!
Easter is my favorite time of year, I have decided that. I always thought it was Christmas, but I think Easter really is #1 in my heart.  The newness of it all-knowing what Jesus did for us on that cross-knowing my sins are washed clean if all I do is ask. Jesus lives in my heart and He is there to stay!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love my boy so much!

So, yesterday  as I was going through Ryder's school papers  I come across a brochure for a summer camp. He asked me what it is, so I continue to read it to him. There is a camp for 6-8 year olds {beginners} that is only 3 days long. I tell him that we would take him {it's an hour drive from our house} and leave him there and there are camp counselors and lots of other kids.

He  BROKE DOWN. He laid his head on the table and just burst into tears-"I can't be gone from you and Dad for 3 days!!"

My poor little boy must take after his mama-I never wanted to be gone either. He's such a softy. I personally don't like going places without Quay {longer than a day or so that is}, after I am gone I just feel like half of me is missing.

So glad my little boy still likes being with us. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's 2013 already!!

So, it's been over 2 months since I sat down and typed on here. Figure I better get with it. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's eve are all over. They went too fast but were spent with family so all is good. Quay and I had Influenza A the week before Christmas. Oh what fun that was {no-NOT really}.  Ryder got everything he wanted this year from Santa. He was over the moon! Santa finally came through. Quay and I bought cross country skis for Christmas. We had a lot of fun doing it, but now the snow is rock hard, so we need to wait for some powder again.

On to the new year-2013. Wow-seems like it was just 1999! Oh boy. So our land deal still isn't finalized. Still waiting on the deed and abstract. But-we have a builder and are narrowing down the specifics on the build. We plan to start picking out specific things for the house in a couple of weeks. It all makes me a little anxious-so many decisions!

Life in general has been busy. Oakley keeps me occupied at least 4 days a week, he is getting to where I can put him in his bouncy seat though and he just watches me work. Who knew taking care of a baby is so time consuming? I guess I have forgotten since Ryder was that little.

I am trying to get our house in shape to put it up for sale. Not sure how I am doing yet. I cleaned our bedroom yesterday from top to bottom (except the closet). I have done a few things in Ryder's room, but that has a long ways to go. I just want it to look neat and orderly-oh and clean!