Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Floral Pumpkins

So today I was feeling a little crafty and I needed to use the supplies I bought a couple weeks ago.  I bought some foam pumpkins, a few bunches of artificial fall flowers, and some ribbon (all from Michael's craft store).  I knew the flowers would be way too many for just one arrangement so I did buy 2 pumpkins and I am giving one to my sister-in-law.  I hope she likes it!  These were SO easy to make. I didn't realize the pumpkins were foam all the way through-so I thought I was going to have to cut the top off and put floral foam inside-but when I stuck my knife in I realized what they were.  So-all I had to do was poke in the stems-and voila-a beautiful arrangement.  I  made the bows and these both took me about 45 minutes to make. So simple.

Now I have to decide which one I want to keep and which one I am going to give away. I think I will let Ryder decide. :)

Wonderful fall

So far the weather has been amazing this fall season.  It's warm and sunny, not a lot of wind.  The weekend went way too quickly again-and here are stuck on a Monday.  While my husband is traveling the US for a few days, I spent some time with my parents over the weekend. 

Saturday, Ryder and I rode along to the farm. Little did I know I was going to be put to work!  I helped move to a new field, I drove the pickup pulling the header behind it.  Then we get to the field and I helped my dad get the header on and everything ready for combining.  I jumped up in the combine with him to go along for a round only to see that there was a terrible hydraulic hose leak.  So I helped get the hose out, then we trekked to town so he could get a new hose, then back out to the field to put the hose back on. I must say it went together more smoothly than it came off (only a couple hours wasted-ugh!).  So-we  Dad--finally got it all functioning smoothly and off we went. I rode along for several hours, we had a good talk about this and that. This was my first ride in my dad's "new" green combine.  Good thing I went along-as this is his last field of the year.

Sunday was a lazy day. We watched a little football only to be upset by most of the games. I got my mom's pictures all loaded onto her computer and her flash drive, cleaned up their laptop so it's a little more user friendly.  That's about it. Like I said-lazy day!  Came home and got Ryder to bed, but stayed up way too late watching HSN.  Silly me!  I thought I wanted the new Cricut machine, but I think I am leaning more toward the new Silhouette Cameo. It just seems like an easier choice-no cartridges to buy-just hook it up to the computer and go. I just need to come up with the money to order one now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nervous mess

Yup-that's me. A ball of nerves at the moment.  We have 2 weeks until we put our 2 little embyos back in me, and I am turning into an emotional roller coaster.  I am part of a private mommy forum and one of the other mom's just got a + on a home pregnancy test after her FET last week.  I think this is what got me going.  I hadn't really thought much about all of this other than it's going to happen and I can't do anything about it. What happens, happens. I have tried to stay very neutral this go around, but my hopes are starting to rise.  I want this to work so badly, this is my last chance. I can't afford to try again and  I don't think my body can handle it emotionally if it doesn't work.  I try to think positive, but I know where that got me in February.  I think the estrogen pills I am now on may also be to blame for this sudden "too much thinking" phenomenon. Hormones-they suck.

On another note-I had to take the little man {Ryder} to the dentist last night after school. He was complaining of a sore tooth. He had a big ole cavity!!  He has a temporary filling at the moment, and gets a permanent crown next week Tuesday. When I asked him what he thought about the dentist his reply was "I Loved it!"  Wow-that's good I guess!  We also got his school eye exam results back-they say his left eye is near sighted, and he needs to get his eyes checked. Great. Why couldn't he inherit my good teeth and my good eyes?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby fever!!

Okay-almost a week since my last entry-bad mama.  Last week we traveled to Fargo on Thursday night after Quay got home from work. We stayed with Dan and April, it was nice to see them again as it has been awhile.  Friday morning we had my Dr. appointment.  All went well with that, I am on schedule and I started some new pills this week. Only a couple weeks until we know our family count. (I would like to be a family of 5)  ;)  It's making me a little nervous, but I am not trying to get my hopes up, or be totally negative-just neutral right now. We go back next week for another u/s appointment and to set up our FET.  Friday we did a little shopping after the Dr. Dan and April came along so we got to see them more than just an hour while we were there.

 Friday morning we got the exciting call from our best friends, Phil and Angie, that they had their baby--a GIRL!! We are so happy for them. Her name is Piper Margaret, 7 lbs. 10 oz.  We stopped at the hospital on the way home from Fargo and got to meet her. She is just as precious as could be! I got to hold her and it only made me want another (or two!) baby even more so. 

The weekend went super fast as normal.  Saturday I went rummage sale'ing with Joel and my mom. We had a lot of fun and we each found good bargains.  We ended it a little early when my car died and Quay had to come jump us, but we were pretty pooped out anyway.  That evening we attended the fire summer picnic-which again was at the fire hall.  Sunday we went to the lake for a couple hours. Took a short sail across the lake and back-it was a blustery day!  The waves were getting pretty big out there. We cleaned more stuff out of the boat and headed back home.  We picked the carrots out of the garden-the massive carrots!! And Ryder found a few caterpillar friends again.

Monday we went for a walk with Odie out by the farm. Quay wanted to get him some field practice before hunting is here. We also got our wood piled in the shed for winter and a few more projects done around the yard.  Monday evening we went to Phil and Angie's to let Ryder meet Piper and so he could take his gift he bought her.  We all spoiled her while we were there.

Today is proving to be a fireplace/inside sort of day. It is extremely windy and rainy outside.  Ryder is complaining of a toothache-so I got him in this afternoon after school. I have a feeling this is his first (and hopefully last!) cavity. This will teach him that he needs to brush regularly.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hump day

So here it is-a Wednesday. The week is half over already.  Monday evening Ryder helped me shuck (is that the right word?) some corn so we could have corn on the cob with our supper.  I tried a recipe with beef short ribs-needless to say we won't be having that again! But the corn, potatoes, and cucumber salad were delightful.

Our little dog finally decided he wanted to see Ryder off to school yesterday. He is a lazy dog and doesn't like to get up very early. But who can blame him-he's 11 years old so in dog years that is 77! He watched Ryder walk out to the bus and growled and whined when the bus came and left with his boy. It was a cute little sight to see.

Yesterday I picked all my garden produce that I could as we're in a frost warning for 2 nights here. I covered up my tomatoes and peppers and left the rest. Ryder informed me that it looks like we are growing blankets in our garden. Ha!  This morning I put my tomatoes to use and made 6 quarts of garden special. They are cooling on the counter and popping as I type. I would have loved to use green peppers out of my own garden but they just didn't produce (yet) this year. I did pick some jalepenos, so if I get the energy one of these fine days I will make a few pints of salsa.

So here I am-less than 2 hours from Ryder getting home from school, thinking I may just scrapbook! I haven't done so in quite some time-so it would be a great thing to do for an hour or so. Yesterday I spent a better part of my afternoon looking at wonderful crafts I could create and adding them to my Pinterest website. Oh that reminds me!!  I did re-paint my chalk board yesterday. It was a chalkboard we had growing up, and my mom was going to put it in a rummage sale a couple years ago. I snatched it back. Now I just need to sand the outer edges and figure out what to do with them and I can hang it up in my kitchen. I am thinking of making it my "Menu" board.

I just want to share a few of the things I have done that are crafty in my house. The first is my old window that I stuck a vinyl saying on for my laundry room. I just painted the wood white, stuck on the vinyl and Voila!

I also did a mirror with a vinyl cut out. The mirror frame was an ugly gold color so I spray painted it a bronzy color. It now hangs inside my front door.  I still don't quite like it there-but it will do for now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Harvest Fest

We had a good weekend-but it went too fast!  Saturday morning we attended the Hazen Harvest Festival parade. It wasn't very long-but we got a lot of candy, and Ryder enjoyed himself. He is finally learning how to be a little more assertive. We were around many other children and I told him if he doesn't get up and be quick to get some candy he won't get any, well he got plenty.  We met up with Phil and Angie (still no baby) and had some lunch and walked around at the car show and the street vendors.  We walked further up Main St. to take Ryder to the kids games, which were very disappointing for the $10 we had to spend on a wristband for him. He couldn't even go on all of the 3 blow ups they had.  He enjoyed the petting zoo the most I think anyway.  Saturday evening we invited some friends out for a bonfire. It was a beautiful night! Almost a full moon and an abundance of stars. The Lesmann's and the Grossman's came out for it.

Sunday I went out to do Andy's hair and make our first FB picks of the NFL season.  Quay and Phil split wood all afternoon, so we now have an abundance of firewood again for the winter.  Misty and I went to Sarah Flath's baby shower. It was fun and I am glad I went. Sarah looks wonderful pregnant-she's all out front. I am just SO happy for Sarah and Jesse-they had a long road to travel for this baby and God has blessed them!

Our journey continues, I have tonight left on my pills, and the Lupron shots are going as well as can be expected. We travel to Fargo on Thursday night for an early Friday morning ultra sound appointment.  I still have no hopes this go around one way or the other. I do not want to put myself in that situation again where I was positively positive. I have to look out for my heart this time. Of course I want another baby-but I am just trying to remain calm and on the straight and narrow.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I love the mornings when it's still cool outside. I am ready for fall-when it's cool all day. It has been a lovely September so far, not looking forward to what may come in October, the "S" word usually shows up at about the end of it, then never leaves.

Yesterday Ryder woke up with a sore throat. I gave him some Tylenol and sent him to school. He seemed fine when he got home, and hasn't complained since. I know he was over tired from combining the previous night with Grandpa Earl since he got to  bed about an hour later than the norm. He loved it though! Tomorrow is the weekend again already! Wow-these weeks are flying by, just like I expected.

I need to go check the garden again, yesterday got a whole bowl full of cucumbers. Ryder picked a pail of tomatoes. Not sure if my mom wants anymore cukes-but I know we don't need anymore. My mother and my aunt Roberta went to Bismarck today to see if my Grandpa can come home. He fell last weekend and has been in the hospital ever since because of a banged up knee. That Grandpa-he needs to take it easy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One down

Well, we all survived the first full week of school--only....I have no clue how many more. Too many! This is a short week due to Monday being Labor Day.  Ryder comes home each night and we ask him what he learned today. His reply is normally, "you don't need to know what I do everyday!" Oh yes I do I tell him. He tells us the letter he learned that day and what sound it makes and the word that goes with it, along with a hand signal for it. He seems to really be enjoying learning. He is always saying words now and sounding out the first letter of it to see what it starts with. Tonight he wrote 1's all over a piece of paper. He thought he should practice them. Ha!!!

 We spent the weekend on the sailboat. We sailed to Indian Hills Friday evening after school. We ended up staying there until Sunday morning as Saturday turned out to be a very windy day, too much wind for this kid.  We had a fun day though--we took a hike and Ryder found a little friend we named Fuzzy, we played games, met some new friends, and just hung out.   Sunday morning we awoke to abundant sunshine and not much wind, but we motored out into the main channel and gave it our all to sail. We got a few gusts every now and then to give us hope. We were annoyed with tiny flying bugs for about 30 minutes, they made a terrible mess all over the cockpit, so I did a little (over-due I might add) scrubbing and cleaning.  We made it back to the marina around 6pm.

We got home, put away the food and went out to visit with Eric and see the kids for awhile. We were all pretty tired it seemed. That sun and slight breeze on the lake wore us out. Back to another week of work and school today.  I did laundry, shredded zucchini to freeze, vaccumed a little, mowed the lawn, picked cucumbers, slopped the hogs,  oh wait-no no--I was on a roll there!!  I still miss my little man every day while he's in school, I just can't wait to see him step off that bus at 3:25pm!! 

Last night was my first Lupron shot. They aren't too bad so far-but then I read the side-effects. I hope I don't get any of the 20-30 listed!!  I think they should just list the things you won't feel-it would be a shorter list I swear. Ryder likes to watch me poke myself. Last night he asked if that was the baby making medicine again.  Too funny--it is in a round about way. My bed is calling me--I must go.