Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nervous mess

Yup-that's me. A ball of nerves at the moment.  We have 2 weeks until we put our 2 little embyos back in me, and I am turning into an emotional roller coaster.  I am part of a private mommy forum and one of the other mom's just got a + on a home pregnancy test after her FET last week.  I think this is what got me going.  I hadn't really thought much about all of this other than it's going to happen and I can't do anything about it. What happens, happens. I have tried to stay very neutral this go around, but my hopes are starting to rise.  I want this to work so badly, this is my last chance. I can't afford to try again and  I don't think my body can handle it emotionally if it doesn't work.  I try to think positive, but I know where that got me in February.  I think the estrogen pills I am now on may also be to blame for this sudden "too much thinking" phenomenon. Hormones-they suck.

On another note-I had to take the little man {Ryder} to the dentist last night after school. He was complaining of a sore tooth. He had a big ole cavity!!  He has a temporary filling at the moment, and gets a permanent crown next week Tuesday. When I asked him what he thought about the dentist his reply was "I Loved it!"  Wow-that's good I guess!  We also got his school eye exam results back-they say his left eye is near sighted, and he needs to get his eyes checked. Great. Why couldn't he inherit my good teeth and my good eyes?

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