Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coffee time

Here I sit, in my new home, in my office with my cup of coffee enjoying the morning sun shining in. God has blessed me with so many wonderful things that I can't help but be happy.   The people in my life that make it so much more enjoyable are always around to make me feel loved!
This is a time every morning for me to ponder on what my day is going to bring. Today-I get to continue to pack this house-put our belongings in there rightful place. That is NOT an easy task. I am missing a few things here and there as well. I am sure they will show up eventually, but it's strange that things just got stuck in an odd place that I don't remember. Ha!
We are totally moved out of our storage unit. We still have a few things scattered at our family's homes here and there-but not much. For the most part-we are HOME. Now just to make it a home. One that is fully functional and organized. Okay-at least somewhat organized. I am good at that but sometimes it seems I just want to give up!! One place I haven't mastered yet is my pantry. I also have a lazy-susan in my kitchen-so deciding what goes where is quite the task! I never realized putting food away would be such a thought provoking matter! With a little oomph I know I can do it!
Oh-and I get my haircut today. What to do what to do. I am thinking of cutting bangs again? But not sold on it yet. I like the length of my hair right now but it needs some texture to it. It's just too blunt. Maybe I'll come back later and show what I've done.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I have started reading a book called "Women Living Well" by Courtney Joseph.  I have only read the first chapter as I am following along on the authors blog book club. So far I am enjoying it. I need to do things like this for myself more often. I need to dig into God's word and realize that He is the maker of all and that I need to make Him my top priority.
As I do this, I believe my life is going to only get better.
Carving out quiet time isn't an easy task. It seems there is always a tv on or someone on the phone. I need to find my quiet place though {once this house is done!}. It will happen!
I hope to get on this blog and post more as well. It's good to get your feelings out and not just in my head.  I have felt a little low lately, down in the dumps.  I shouldn't-but I do. It's winter in ND-hard not to feel this way sometimes.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Here I sit, at my new snack bar in my new house with a wonderful cup of coffee and my laptop. This was a long time coming-and it's still not technically done. Oh well. 

We moved into our house the weekend before Christmas, we only came with what we needed-so beds, clothes, food. It has been nice to be in our own place! It's been way too long! There is still some work to do-some doors and baseboards, a few counter tops need to be finished, but I am holding steady at the fact that I am here and can monitor any work from here on it first hand!

It has been a long stressful build, but we are nearing the very end, and I think all the stressfulness is over. Well-the banking side isn't done yet-so that may still get the best of me. But for now-I am holding out that we are good to go. Pictures to come.