Monday, September 12, 2011

Harvest Fest

We had a good weekend-but it went too fast!  Saturday morning we attended the Hazen Harvest Festival parade. It wasn't very long-but we got a lot of candy, and Ryder enjoyed himself. He is finally learning how to be a little more assertive. We were around many other children and I told him if he doesn't get up and be quick to get some candy he won't get any, well he got plenty.  We met up with Phil and Angie (still no baby) and had some lunch and walked around at the car show and the street vendors.  We walked further up Main St. to take Ryder to the kids games, which were very disappointing for the $10 we had to spend on a wristband for him. He couldn't even go on all of the 3 blow ups they had.  He enjoyed the petting zoo the most I think anyway.  Saturday evening we invited some friends out for a bonfire. It was a beautiful night! Almost a full moon and an abundance of stars. The Lesmann's and the Grossman's came out for it.

Sunday I went out to do Andy's hair and make our first FB picks of the NFL season.  Quay and Phil split wood all afternoon, so we now have an abundance of firewood again for the winter.  Misty and I went to Sarah Flath's baby shower. It was fun and I am glad I went. Sarah looks wonderful pregnant-she's all out front. I am just SO happy for Sarah and Jesse-they had a long road to travel for this baby and God has blessed them!

Our journey continues, I have tonight left on my pills, and the Lupron shots are going as well as can be expected. We travel to Fargo on Thursday night for an early Friday morning ultra sound appointment.  I still have no hopes this go around one way or the other. I do not want to put myself in that situation again where I was positively positive. I have to look out for my heart this time. Of course I want another baby-but I am just trying to remain calm and on the straight and narrow.

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