Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mowing day

Yesterday was the 1st official cutting of the year. We had mowed a few places here and there in the last couple of weeks, but yesterday I did it all. I actually like mowing-it gets  me outside, I get a little sun (a little too much yesterday-got some pink), and it's such an accomplishment when I am all done. I can actually see what I have done and it feels like I just got the gold medal in the mowing category.  BUT--yesteday I am not sure I would have even gotten a consolation prize. I was almost done mowing, I moved our trailer out of the way so I could mow under it, I had done SO good all day, I only mowed over one tiny evergreen tree that I couldn't see, hadn't mowed anything over all day (ha), then I did it--I ran over a small rope that had been under the trailer and it wrapped itself up tight on one blade. I tried getting it off-got about 1/2 of if, but the rest had to wait until  6:30pm when Quay got home. My hero got it off in under 10 minutes. So then I proceeded to get the weed eater out to do some trimming. I got a good start on that until my string ran out, but Ryder informed me that we have more in the garage and by golly he was right! So I filled it up with trimmer string and away I went; well for another couple of minutes until it ran out of gas. Bleh!!! I couldn't find the mixed gas for it so I quit trimming also.
My mowing adventures stop there, for now.  I have done some crazy things in the past...I blew up the motor on our last mower but it totally was not my fault!  I have gotten them stuck in holes that I couldn't get out of in this bumpy yard, I have ran over numerous things-too many to count. I am getting better at being more careful.

Today is another blustery day-cool out for the end of May. Not much on the agenda today-my motivation is lacking. I feel like doing....nothing in particular sounds good to me.  I did cut my babes hair-he looks SO much better! Now he's all ready for the wedding next week. Wow-that is getting close!

Oh--I have to add this picture of my wrapping paper from my birthday gift. Normally my brother Andy doesn't wrap a gift period, (except for Christmas) or it's in newspaper. So I feel pretty special!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The weekend came and went and my hubby is back at work already! Time needs to sloooooowwwww dooowwwnnn. We went to April's shower on Saturday afternoon, while the guys did Dan's bachelor party at the golf course then a bonfire at my house. April was as beautiful as always.

Sunday we spend part of the day at my parents house. I cut some hair, went for a walk, visited. Then trekked home to work on the boat some more. Monday was spent working. Laundry, painted in the boat (what a PITA!!), picked up my house. All of the sudden there was Quay home-I had totally lost track of time while painting. I got one coat on everything that I wanted to do at least.

Today was supposed to be partly sunny-but I am not seeing that sunshine anywhere. It's all clouds in the sky again, gray clouds that don't have an opening or a crack.  I need to get some flowers planted --well bought first I suppose! This weather makes me want to go back to bed.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I am officially one year older. I don't feel any older, but the calendar says so. I still feel 20-something'ish.  When I am looking at people mag or something and I see a picture of someone and it says they are around my age and to me they looked older than that, I think--do I look that old? Do I look 33? How old would people guess I am? that's something to ponder.  I have been graduated from high school for how long!! 14 years! Wow-where does time go?  You are only as old as you feel--so I am still 24-that's a good number.  Although I feel great now at 33--I feel I know ME. I know what I want in life (so I think), I know what makes me happy, I know that I am who I am and if you don't like that-well, tough. So I will claim being 33. :) 

I celebrated my birthday with a concert to see Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and The Band Perry. It was fabulous!  Tim and Luke know how to shake their stuff, and they sing pretty good music as well.  My mom traveled with me to this concert. We went to Fargo, then rode to Grand Forks with my aunt and cousins.  It was a great girl time! We did a little shopping in Fargo, then headed back home.  My brothers had a couple birthday gifts for me as well-they are so sweet. And I still have to spend my birthday cash-haven't decided yet on what though.

Yesterday we spent some time in the boat-more work! No fun yet. We also started mowing the lawn, but I quit when the wind was throwing it all back in my face. I believe I had grass in my underwear by the end of the day. So we still haven't officially mowed our whole lawn-just bits and pieces. I took Ryder for his Kindergarten placement test.  He did awesome!! When we got home Quay asked him if he aced his first school test and he replied-"yah".  Hahaha! Cutie-patootie!  The teachers were impressed with how well he listened and concentrated.

On to a new day--it's rainy outside today, so not sure what our agenda will be.  Rain rain go away-come back another day!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Not much to write about today-it was quite uneventful!  It started out with Roo waking me up. He slept under my bed last night and all of the sudden he bursted out of my bedroom, so I figured I best get up and let him outside.  It was nearly 9am anyway--but I love sleeping in with Quay when he comes home from a night shift.  And....I like to sleep. The more the better! I am not one that can make it on 6 hours.  So that's pretty much how my day went. I did a little internet research, on what I am not sure? But I am quite certain it was very important.  I washed a load of clothes, ran the dishwasher, picked up the house a little bit. You know-normal housewife stuff.  It was a beautiful day outside, except for the tremendous winds we had. Ick.  I stayed in the house all day because of it.  I only went out when I had to, like to get the mail because that is usually the highlight of my day! And today I actually got some good stuff.

This afternoon we washed my car at the firehall, and my sweety filled it up with gas, checked the oil, and checked my tires for me!!  He spoils me-I honestly don't know that last time I filled gas (unless I was somewhere without him).  Quay and Ryder came home with birthday cards for me today, since on my birthday I won't get to see Quay.  I had an IOU in it for a new camera!!!This one to be exact:

 I would really love a digital SLR--and by golly I am going to get one, well-before too long anyway. I guess it's only fair-Quay still hasn't gotten his birthday gift. It's only been 7 months-not too bad. Ha! It's for the boat though and it would have just sat in storage anyway all winter.

So--tonight we just hung out, watched some Pawn Stars and American Pickers. I took a bath, painted my toes and now here I am. Ready for bed.

Tomorrow is a road trip to Fargo with my mom!! I can't wait! We are going to see Tim McGraw tomorrow night and spend some time with my aunt and cousins. Get a little shopping in on Wednesday and come home.  Off I go!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


What a beautiful day it was!! The sun shone it's lovely face! I got outside and cleaned out most of my flower beds, still a few to go though. Seems I am way past due on that task this year, but winter just left a couple weeks ago. My tulips finally opened up today-how bright and cheery they look. Just the thing to make the day a little better.

I attended the baby shower today for our friends that adopted the little girl from Ethiopia, Ali.  She is just such a good little girl. I got to hold her again for a little bit. She is going to be one well dressed little girl this year! She got pretty little outfits for summer.  What a blessing this family has received from God-a perfect little girl from the other side of the world.  God bless the woman that sacrificed her parental rights in realization that this beautiful child needed a better home;  she has one with her new mommy and daddy-they are such kind people. 

The house that built me

I came across this song,  The House That Built Me   tonight after reading an article about the singer, and it gets me thinking about my own childhood home. I have heard the song dozens of times, but tonight it just energized my memory bank.  I grew up on a farm 10 miles out in the country, with the nearest neighbor being a mile away. It was the house my Dad grew up in, on the farm he grew up on. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, but I didn't know that until just a few years ago. I would've guessed we were quite financially stable because we were happy, always had food on the table, always had gifts on holidays, and we always had what we needed and then some. I grew up with 2 older brothers that insisted on teasing me, but it has shaped me into who I am today. We lived on a dusty gravel road. We had cows, pigs ,chickens, dogs, cats, ducks growing up-so there was always something to do and they made life exciting.  We had water fights in the summer and swam in our little plastic pool. We played baseball in the yard. We went sledding on our own land in the winters.  We were free to roam and explore and use our imaginations.  My older brothers were taught how to farm, how to drive trucks and tractors. We helped fix fence and haul bails (well, I tried to help anyway!).  We played basketball in our barn loft and had a rope for a swing. It was so much fun!!  I always found the new batch of kittens hiding in the bails in the barn and then I had new animals to play with.  We rode the bus for over an hour a day during the school year. I longed for summer to come.  We took walks in the pasture and picked wildflowers, and in the spring searched out the wild crocus's. We were taught that rain was the best thing there is on the farm (well except during combining!) I still LOVE the rain. We had beautiful trees in the yard that just made it seem so picturesque. Living out there was so peaceful and quiet. What a simple but incredible wonderful life that was!!

When I was in my early teens we moved away from the farm. The coal mine bought it from my parents as they were starting to mine that area. My mom had 3 more baby boys prior to this, so there were 6 of us kids.  We moved to a house that was only a mile from town, which at the time I thought was great! A teenager doesn't want to be stuck out in the country you know.  The house was bought and moved. The barn was tore down.  The chicken coop got moved into town by the new house, and used as a shed.  My dad still has land just north of where the farm was, but it doesn't look the same. There is nothing there but memories. I wish I could go to the farm again, but it's gone forever. All I have is my fondness of it and what it did for me as a person.

I now live just on the outskirts of town with my own family of 3. We are considered "in the country" as we are out of city limits, but I would love to give my son the opportunity to experience some of the things that I did growing up. I would love to have a few more animals for him as he absolutely loves them! Living by a busy highway though limits us.  Living on a farm is such a rewarding life because of what it molds one into, understanding nature and making your own fun.  Oh to dream, someday I may just get that house out in the country.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturdays are a relaxing day for me, well at least this one is! I haven't done much today and I like it! Made us some chicken noodle soup and tuna sandwiches for lunch since it's only 30 degrees outside today!! Yes-it feels like winter today. Our spring has once again disappeared.

Yesterday we didn't do much either, Quay went in on nights again for the next 6, well now 5. We drove up to the Garrison Dam to see the water coming out of the tubes--WOW. That is amazing at how fierce that is. There are hundreds of pelicans down there too. There is a flood watch along the Missouri River because of the water being let out.

We now have a fridge in our boat! Just need to stain the framework, and hook it up. Quay's thinking on his next set off that most everything we need to get done on Lil' Slippery will get done. Wow-can't wait so we can move on to other things in life and get it in the lake.

We got to see Ali Knopik yesterday. She is just a sweet little peanut! Our friends adopted her and brought her home the week of Easter. She is from Ethiopia.  Ryder wasn't so sure about getting a sibling until he saw her, now he wants a little brother or sister. I am SO ready to have a baby around the house again!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rain rain go away!!

Yah-the rain needs to go and the sun needs to come out! It rained quite a bit yesterday, not as much today but it's cloudy and dreary none-the-less.

Mother's Day on Sunday was an indifferent day.  I went to church with my parents and ended up crying while singing one of the songs. I just couldn't hold it in. The pastor was talking about mother's day being a painful day for some because of infertility and that just did it. I should be pregnant with my second child, but I am not. So it was a good day and a bad day all at once. It would have been better had Quay not been working also. I went to see my Grandma Marie and got to spend the day with my mom and my son-so that was the good part!

Yesterday was cleaning day-I got almost all the floors vaccumed and scrubbed and almost all the laundry done. I was pretty much wooped by the end of the day. Today more of the same-laundry and the last floor is clean! Now just wait and see how fast it gets dirty with dogs coming in from the wet outdoors.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wow-I have been busy the last couple of days!! We have been working on our sailboat non-stop, trying to get it ready for launching soon. It needs needed a lot of work! We have gotten a lot accomplished in the last few. It's starting to smell better and look cleaner and a little more updated. I can't wait for it to be done so that we can just enjoy it and maybe get something else done around here! Ha!

Last night I had a Mary Kay meeting. I didn't have any guests show up, so I didn't stay long, but got a new challenge for the month of May.

I have been feeling blue again. Not sure why, but I just still feel like the "why's" haven't been answered and I am a little on edge. I was listening to Pastor Chuck Swindoll on the radio yesterday and I think that helped me some-I just have to have faith that God knows what he's doing, and I need to trust Him!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Here I go again, I had a blog once upon a time-but deleted it due to lack of my own interest. But I feel I need to start over-so here goes!

What a year it's been already and it's not even half over. In January, we traveled to Fargo again and set up our IVF calendar. Early February, Quay and I traveled to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary. Late Feb.-early March was our IVF cycle. Mid-March we got the terrible news that it didn't work, but we have 2 frozen embyos waiting for us.  So late March-early April was an emotional rollercoaster for me, the why's got the best of me. In April we traveled to Las Vegas for my sister-in-law's wedding. It ended up being a fun family vacation.   Whew-what a busy 4 months!

We're in May now and hoping for some nice weather and hopefully more fun. Today ended up being really nice outside. We raked some of the yard where the grass seems to have died off. Shoveled the remaining snow we got on Saturday into the sunshine to see it vanish for good.

I am looking forward to summer, getting out on the boat, gardening, relaxing.