Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby fever!!

Okay-almost a week since my last entry-bad mama.  Last week we traveled to Fargo on Thursday night after Quay got home from work. We stayed with Dan and April, it was nice to see them again as it has been awhile.  Friday morning we had my Dr. appointment.  All went well with that, I am on schedule and I started some new pills this week. Only a couple weeks until we know our family count. (I would like to be a family of 5)  ;)  It's making me a little nervous, but I am not trying to get my hopes up, or be totally negative-just neutral right now. We go back next week for another u/s appointment and to set up our FET.  Friday we did a little shopping after the Dr. Dan and April came along so we got to see them more than just an hour while we were there.

 Friday morning we got the exciting call from our best friends, Phil and Angie, that they had their baby--a GIRL!! We are so happy for them. Her name is Piper Margaret, 7 lbs. 10 oz.  We stopped at the hospital on the way home from Fargo and got to meet her. She is just as precious as could be! I got to hold her and it only made me want another (or two!) baby even more so. 

The weekend went super fast as normal.  Saturday I went rummage sale'ing with Joel and my mom. We had a lot of fun and we each found good bargains.  We ended it a little early when my car died and Quay had to come jump us, but we were pretty pooped out anyway.  That evening we attended the fire summer picnic-which again was at the fire hall.  Sunday we went to the lake for a couple hours. Took a short sail across the lake and back-it was a blustery day!  The waves were getting pretty big out there. We cleaned more stuff out of the boat and headed back home.  We picked the carrots out of the garden-the massive carrots!! And Ryder found a few caterpillar friends again.

Monday we went for a walk with Odie out by the farm. Quay wanted to get him some field practice before hunting is here. We also got our wood piled in the shed for winter and a few more projects done around the yard.  Monday evening we went to Phil and Angie's to let Ryder meet Piper and so he could take his gift he bought her.  We all spoiled her while we were there.

Today is proving to be a fireplace/inside sort of day. It is extremely windy and rainy outside.  Ryder is complaining of a toothache-so I got him in this afternoon after school. I have a feeling this is his first (and hopefully last!) cavity. This will teach him that he needs to brush regularly.

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