Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mini Vaca

Okay-so we took a mini vacation to Minneapolis last week. We had a lot of fun! It was nice just to get away for a few days.  We started out Monday evening when Quay got home from work and went as far as Fargo. We stayed the night with Dan and April. Tuesday morning we were off for the cities.

Oh--Ryder finally lost that top tooth!! Now for the other one. 

Our first stop was the Minnesota Zoo.  It was a nice cool day but a great one for a zoo visit.  They had the animatronic dinosaurs there which Ryder loved! The animals were all cool too. We were there for over 6 hours!!  We took the tram ride around the zoo after we walked it all. The next few days we did the shopping thing at Ikea, the Mall of America, and then some. Ryder loved Legoland in MOA, and we took him on his first roller coaster ride. He wasn't too impressed with that. It will probably be awhile before we do that again with him.  We ate at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Factory in MOA-yummy!

Ryder was quite impressed with this bedroom at Ikea.  I think this will be in the making soon.

The next day we went to tour a few sailboats. We are itching to upgrade to a newer model than what we have now, and I believe we found a winner.  I am not sure when this upgrade will happen, but at least we know what we want now.  It was nice to see them up close and in person-it does so much more than pictures on the internet. We cut our trip one day short, so we had to cancel our last night at the hotel-never will I book through Expedia again. That was a major pain in the butt!!  It was a long ride home, but Ryder watched a few movies, and we took a different road once we got back to ND.

When we got home from our trip we had a surprising message on our machine. The man that has the land we have made an offer on called and said if we still want it, the land can be ours.  Oh boy.  This isn't what we were expecting at all. We had pretty much washed our hands of that idea since it's been over 6 months of trying to get it. But--we are going to go ahead with it. It's something we have wanted for some time now, and we aren't going to pass it up now.

We went out to the lake and stayed on the sailboat the day after our trip. Ryder and I walked to the beach for a little while. We went "sailing" and put up both sails, but since the lake was almost glass-we just floated for awhile. It was a beautiful day on the water!

Onto a new week now. Ryder's party is tomorrow. We have gotten 3 rsvp's out of the 16 invites he gave out. I really hope more than three kids show up. And I really hope it doesn't rain like is forecasted because I was planning on an outside party.