Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The weekend came and went and my hubby is back at work already! Time needs to sloooooowwwww dooowwwnnn. We went to April's shower on Saturday afternoon, while the guys did Dan's bachelor party at the golf course then a bonfire at my house. April was as beautiful as always.

Sunday we spend part of the day at my parents house. I cut some hair, went for a walk, visited. Then trekked home to work on the boat some more. Monday was spent working. Laundry, painted in the boat (what a PITA!!), picked up my house. All of the sudden there was Quay home-I had totally lost track of time while painting. I got one coat on everything that I wanted to do at least.

Today was supposed to be partly sunny-but I am not seeing that sunshine anywhere. It's all clouds in the sky again, gray clouds that don't have an opening or a crack.  I need to get some flowers planted --well bought first I suppose! This weather makes me want to go back to bed.

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