Monday, May 16, 2011


Not much to write about today-it was quite uneventful!  It started out with Roo waking me up. He slept under my bed last night and all of the sudden he bursted out of my bedroom, so I figured I best get up and let him outside.  It was nearly 9am anyway--but I love sleeping in with Quay when he comes home from a night shift.  And....I like to sleep. The more the better! I am not one that can make it on 6 hours.  So that's pretty much how my day went. I did a little internet research, on what I am not sure? But I am quite certain it was very important.  I washed a load of clothes, ran the dishwasher, picked up the house a little bit. You know-normal housewife stuff.  It was a beautiful day outside, except for the tremendous winds we had. Ick.  I stayed in the house all day because of it.  I only went out when I had to, like to get the mail because that is usually the highlight of my day! And today I actually got some good stuff.

This afternoon we washed my car at the firehall, and my sweety filled it up with gas, checked the oil, and checked my tires for me!!  He spoils me-I honestly don't know that last time I filled gas (unless I was somewhere without him).  Quay and Ryder came home with birthday cards for me today, since on my birthday I won't get to see Quay.  I had an IOU in it for a new camera!!!This one to be exact:

 I would really love a digital SLR--and by golly I am going to get one, well-before too long anyway. I guess it's only fair-Quay still hasn't gotten his birthday gift. It's only been 7 months-not too bad. Ha! It's for the boat though and it would have just sat in storage anyway all winter.

So--tonight we just hung out, watched some Pawn Stars and American Pickers. I took a bath, painted my toes and now here I am. Ready for bed.

Tomorrow is a road trip to Fargo with my mom!! I can't wait! We are going to see Tim McGraw tomorrow night and spend some time with my aunt and cousins. Get a little shopping in on Wednesday and come home.  Off I go!

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