Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mowing day

Yesterday was the 1st official cutting of the year. We had mowed a few places here and there in the last couple of weeks, but yesterday I did it all. I actually like mowing-it gets  me outside, I get a little sun (a little too much yesterday-got some pink), and it's such an accomplishment when I am all done. I can actually see what I have done and it feels like I just got the gold medal in the mowing category.  BUT--yesteday I am not sure I would have even gotten a consolation prize. I was almost done mowing, I moved our trailer out of the way so I could mow under it, I had done SO good all day, I only mowed over one tiny evergreen tree that I couldn't see, hadn't mowed anything over all day (ha), then I did it--I ran over a small rope that had been under the trailer and it wrapped itself up tight on one blade. I tried getting it off-got about 1/2 of if, but the rest had to wait until  6:30pm when Quay got home. My hero got it off in under 10 minutes. So then I proceeded to get the weed eater out to do some trimming. I got a good start on that until my string ran out, but Ryder informed me that we have more in the garage and by golly he was right! So I filled it up with trimmer string and away I went; well for another couple of minutes until it ran out of gas. Bleh!!! I couldn't find the mixed gas for it so I quit trimming also.
My mowing adventures stop there, for now.  I have done some crazy things in the past...I blew up the motor on our last mower but it totally was not my fault!  I have gotten them stuck in holes that I couldn't get out of in this bumpy yard, I have ran over numerous things-too many to count. I am getting better at being more careful.

Today is another blustery day-cool out for the end of May. Not much on the agenda today-my motivation is lacking. I feel like doing....nothing in particular sounds good to me.  I did cut my babes hair-he looks SO much better! Now he's all ready for the wedding next week. Wow-that is getting close!

Oh--I have to add this picture of my wrapping paper from my birthday gift. Normally my brother Andy doesn't wrap a gift period, (except for Christmas) or it's in newspaper. So I feel pretty special!

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