Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rain rain go away!!

Yah-the rain needs to go and the sun needs to come out! It rained quite a bit yesterday, not as much today but it's cloudy and dreary none-the-less.

Mother's Day on Sunday was an indifferent day.  I went to church with my parents and ended up crying while singing one of the songs. I just couldn't hold it in. The pastor was talking about mother's day being a painful day for some because of infertility and that just did it. I should be pregnant with my second child, but I am not. So it was a good day and a bad day all at once. It would have been better had Quay not been working also. I went to see my Grandma Marie and got to spend the day with my mom and my son-so that was the good part!

Yesterday was cleaning day-I got almost all the floors vaccumed and scrubbed and almost all the laundry done. I was pretty much wooped by the end of the day. Today more of the same-laundry and the last floor is clean! Now just wait and see how fast it gets dirty with dogs coming in from the wet outdoors.

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