Sunday, May 15, 2011


What a beautiful day it was!! The sun shone it's lovely face! I got outside and cleaned out most of my flower beds, still a few to go though. Seems I am way past due on that task this year, but winter just left a couple weeks ago. My tulips finally opened up today-how bright and cheery they look. Just the thing to make the day a little better.

I attended the baby shower today for our friends that adopted the little girl from Ethiopia, Ali.  She is just such a good little girl. I got to hold her again for a little bit. She is going to be one well dressed little girl this year! She got pretty little outfits for summer.  What a blessing this family has received from God-a perfect little girl from the other side of the world.  God bless the woman that sacrificed her parental rights in realization that this beautiful child needed a better home;  she has one with her new mommy and daddy-they are such kind people. 

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