Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturdays are a relaxing day for me, well at least this one is! I haven't done much today and I like it! Made us some chicken noodle soup and tuna sandwiches for lunch since it's only 30 degrees outside today!! Yes-it feels like winter today. Our spring has once again disappeared.

Yesterday we didn't do much either, Quay went in on nights again for the next 6, well now 5. We drove up to the Garrison Dam to see the water coming out of the tubes--WOW. That is amazing at how fierce that is. There are hundreds of pelicans down there too. There is a flood watch along the Missouri River because of the water being let out.

We now have a fridge in our boat! Just need to stain the framework, and hook it up. Quay's thinking on his next set off that most everything we need to get done on Lil' Slippery will get done. Wow-can't wait so we can move on to other things in life and get it in the lake.

We got to see Ali Knopik yesterday. She is just a sweet little peanut! Our friends adopted her and brought her home the week of Easter. She is from Ethiopia.  Ryder wasn't so sure about getting a sibling until he saw her, now he wants a little brother or sister. I am SO ready to have a baby around the house again!

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