Wednesday, November 2, 2011


On to a better month-a month full of thankfullness!  The last week was trying.  Ryder got sick last week Wednesday at 3am. Just what I like to wake up to-a sick kid telling me he didn't make it to the bathroom.  Then I started feeling nauseous.  I never got physically sick but I have felt nauseous for a week. Yuck. It's all better now.  Quay then got sick also over the weekend.  So hopefully that's all out of our systems and we can be healthy for the rest of the year.

Halloween was wonderful this year--the temperature was so warm that we didn't have to bundle up like eskimos.  Ryder got his fair share of candy for us all to munch on for the next 6 months. Ha! We carved some pumpkins the night before. Ryder enjoyed cleaning out the guts.

Sadly our kitty died last week. We don't really know what happened. Ryder was out playing with her in the afternoon and an hour later she was dead. There was a strange cat hanging out that we think may have something to do with it. We feel we just aren't meant to have a cat. Ryder was so sad, he just loves cats.

I got something exciting last week-my Silhouette Cameo came!!! I tried it out and it is awesome!! I can't wait to get some vinyl to make a few things.

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  1. Looks like a creative November coming up for you Lesley. I'm pleased you're all well again, stomach illnesses are no fun at all!