Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy life

Well-what a busy week it's been. I got a job!! It's very part-time but it's something. I am helping a friend do office work 4-5 hours a week. It does come with some good perks-I get to visit with her while on the job, I don't have to dress up, I don't have set hours, I get to play with her little baby-couldn't get much better than that!

Life is just flying by-tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! Where did that come from?  I am excited to spend time with family and relax for a day. We do have a busy weekend planned though. Thursday-eat. Friday-shop with my brothers for our annual black friday shopping trip. Saturday-wedding of a good friend. Sunday-go to the Dickens Festival in Garrison. And tonight we are getting family pictures done.

A few days back I looked at my fall bouquet on my table and found an army man inside. Hmmm....I wonder how that got in there?

We did a get a light dusting of snow last weekend-it has since melted. Ryder was so excited though to see the white driveway that when we got home from church he felt the urge to shovel.

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  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and long weekend! Your new job sounds wonderful.