Monday, November 14, 2011

The wrath of an angry mother

So last week--again--someone took another attempt at running over my child while he was crossing the road to get on the bus in the morning.  We have called the school and the cops. You would think something would get done. No. This morning the same thing-except I was there with  pencil and paper to write down the plate number of the idiot that drove past the bus with it's flashing red lights on while my child was still on the road.  My husband or I will be walking out with him daily to catch these criminals in the act.  I have also written a letter to our local paper to alert people on what is happening and maybe put some sense into them. 

Here's my letter for those of you that don't get our paper:

My son started kindergarten this fall, and he was so excited to ride the school bus. We live just out of city limits so he rides one of the big yellow buses.  In the last month or two though, riding the school bus has become very dangerous for him and from what I am told other children as well that live on this Highway 200.  There have been 4 occasions now when people have passed the bus, or tried to, while its red lights are still flashing-all the while my son is still on the highway.  I don’t know what people think the bright red flashing red lights are for-but they certainly don’t mean just to slow down or stop then go again while they are still flashing.  We have called the school, we have talked to the sheriff’s department, and I know our bus driver has talked to the city police.  Our bus driver does a wonderful job of watching and motioning for our 6 year old on when to cross, but he can’t predict what the idiots on the road are going to do.  I predict soon a child is going to get hurt or killed.  I highly doubt anyone wants that on their conscience—so I am asking everyone to please obey the rules of the road so these children can get to school and home safely.  My husband and I will be walking out with our son every morning and writing down the license plate numbers of those who have forgotten that red means stop.  If you happen to be one of them-expect a nice fine.

If this non-sense continues to happen we will keep calling the police and the school until something gets done.  It would be nice to see a cop make a presence at the time the bus is at our house or one of the others. We have yet to see it. I don’t see the traffic situation getting any better as the oil boom gets closer.  Do we have to wait until a child gets hit to do something about this problem?

Here is what the Rules of the Road manual published by our ND DOT says about buses:

(Quote)When a school bus is stopped and flashing its red lights, drivers approaching from

both directions must stop. This is because children are being loaded or unloaded. The

drivers cannot proceed until 1) the bus begins moving; or 2) the bus driver signals to let

vehicles pass; or 3) the red lights are no longer flashing. When a school bus is equipped

with yellow caution lights, these lights may be used as a warning that the school bus is

about to stop and that the red flashing lights will soon come on. Be especially alert every

time you see a school bus. (End quote)

So what do you think? Get the point across?

We ran to Bismarck today, picked up a log splitter and a snowblower and get this-it was all free!! Well, for now. The log splitter is a friends, and he and Quay are going to share it. Quay's going to get it running again, so it will cost a little bit.  The snowblower was free though-the guy wanted it out of his garage. We did a few short trips around town and back before Ryder got home from school.  Not much else exciting around the Hagel household.  No snow yet, so our winter just keeps getting shorter.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! As is Christmas, we have started shopping. Ryder is done, now on to everyone else.

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