Monday, November 7, 2011

On my mind

So there has been a lot on our minds lately. Whew.  We got a wild hair and decided we want to move again. We went and looked at a house that is for sale out in the country-great location, but the house just isn't quite what we want. It  has a floor plan that we can't see ourselves living in. So on to plan B, finding some land or an old farmstead and building our "dream" house. Oh boy-this sounds like fun stressful. Ha! It will be both I know.  I say "dream" house because I know it won't be ALL that we want, because to put it mildly-we can't afford that. We can afford what we NEED though, and it's not a mansion that's for sure. It will be our cottage in the country.  If we could pick this house up that we are in right now and move it-I think we would. We like our house-we've made it home. But location, location, location.  The highway traffic is getting worse here and we are ready for some privacy.

We've been working on getting those little projects done in our house.  So when it comes down to selling this house-we're ready. It's nice to have trim around my doors again. {smiling} 

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  1. Lots of forward action happening. Moving/building will be a great project/challenge, especially as you are motivated for a location change. Will look forward to seeing how things progress. Lots of possibilities.