Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Wait

Here we are-on the dreaded 2ww. That is forum language for two week wait.  I don't have to wait quite 2 weeks-only 1 1/2 but still dreadfully long to find out what your future will hold for the next...oh of your life!  We went to the clinic yesterday morning, arrived in an early fashion. The nurse took us back within 5 minutes, we got our post-transfer instructions--48 hrs bedrest, and lots of other "no-no's" until after my blood tests, Dr. C came in and talked to us. He informed us that only one of our embryos made the thaw, but the other one had grown from 10 cells to 14 cells that morning, so we had a Grade 2- 14 cell embryo just waiting for his/her new home!!  They took us into the transfer room and my bladder was actually doing okay being quite full.  Bob the U/S tech checked my bladder and I was cleared for take off.  It only took about 10 more minutes and I had that little embryo nestled up in there.  I laid in the transfer room for 20 minutes flat on my back just letting the little guy get real comfy, hoping he/she wants to make that their home for the next 9 months. :)  Our nurse came back in and said it was time to go home and rest.

So here I am--resting. Quite bored actually.  I have run out of things to do. The tv is off, the computer has been searched and searched some more. My husband is outside getting projects done before it gets cold. My son is in school (only 1 more hour for today!!).   One more day then I can do some not so hard things. I plan on taking it easy until next week. My blood tests are scheduled for Oct. 12 and the 14th.  They cannot come soon enough.  I have our embryo-baby picture on the fridge. Hoping to replace it soon with an u/s picture.

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  1. That's a tough place to be. My sister just starting the process again after their first born success!