Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Yes-that is right-time goes by so quickly.  Christmas vacation seems like a blur and so long ago already. Ryder has been back in school for a week now. I was looking forward to it so much, and now it's over and gone and winter is still here. Summer can't come soon enough.  Although these temps we've been having are alright!

Ryder had his Christmas program on December 20th at school-it was so cute! He was so excited for it. Then on the 21st was his Christmas party at school. I went and helped with it--those little kids are all so cute!
 He has the white tie on.

Okay-so Christmas-it was really nice. We went to church on Christmas Eve with all of our families, then spent the evening in town at the Hagel side.  Christmas morning we had to wake Ryder up, and he had found that Santa came once again!!  He brought goodies for all.  We headed out to the Wiedrich side after our gift opening at home.  Everyone was there except Jessen and Kayden who were with their mom for the weekend.  We all got what we wanted I believe and we ate too much and laughed plenty.

Fast forward one week-we spent New Years eve at my parents house. We played games and ate and then ate some more. It was fun! Ryder found that he is really good at jousting on the Wii.

Now here we are--mid-winter already and it's still in the 40's for temps. But I read this morning that our warm spell is coming to an end with below zero wind chills and snow flurries coming soon. I guess it will make it feel like home.

We have exciting news in the process.....I will explain more when it all becomes a little more "real". So I will keep all in suspense. :)

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