Sunday, January 29, 2012

Almost February!

I can't believe it's almost February and we have no snow and the temperature is still pretty mild. Our winter has been very.....un-winter-like.  I am not really complaining, but yet a little snow so my boy could go sledding again would be nice. He did get a sled for Christmas that hasn't touched the cold wet stuff.  We have been getting hints of snow but then the temp comes up and it's gone.

Grandpa Woody had to move into the nursing home a couple weeks ago, and the day after he did he fell and broke his shoulder. So now he is in a sling due to surgery being too risky for him. It's hard seeing loved ones hurting. 

We have been a little anxious lately about our future. We have made an offer on some land, and are now waiting on what they have to say about it.  We eventually want to build a house on it, but first things first--get the land!!  It's exciting but makes me nervous to start a new venture.  I have a couple house plans picked out, but need to decide on which we can afford. Most importantly which one will feel like "home". But anywhere I am with my boys will be home to me. :) 

We are on to a frugal life for awhile now, need to pay off some bills and start saving. We have been doing really well-I need to give props to Quay for not spending.

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