Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wow, another busy week went by so fast.  Ryder was the "star student of the week" in his room at school, so we had to make a poster for that, it was his un-birthday on Friday so I made him some cupcakes, we went and ate lunch with him on Tuesday. That was really fun. I like to see what his days are like at school, and that gave me a little glimpse, and all those little kids are just too cute!  Thursday was my Mary Kay holiday open house, which was just about a flop-thank God for the 5 people that did show up (and 2 of them were family). That will be the last year I do that, my product is slowly dwindling.  I will still keep up to date with ordering and such, but no more parties, and no more adopt a grandparent right before Christmas. It's making me grumpy. Thank goodness it's about over. What else happened this week....oh-Thursday night/Friday morning I woke up at 3:30am and never fell back to sleep. So that sucked. That about sums up my week. Hoping this next week goes better.

Quay worked last night, then went to coach a wrestling tournament all day. He got home around 3:30pm with a very horse voice. He fell asleep about 6pm and hasn't really woken up except for about 15 minutes to eat a little and watch the very beginning of Home Alone with us. Poor guy-too much on his plate.  I am very proud of him--he is finally quitting his chewing habit. He's been on chantrix for about 3 weeks and we are all still alive!! No one has killed eachother from mood swings or withdrawls. Haha!

Christmas is fast approaching-only 2 weeks!

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