Thursday, July 14, 2011

One more try

We traveled to Fargo yesterday for our FET (frozen embryo transfer) calendar appointment.  We are all set to transfer those little guys the first week of October. I don't have to start taking anything until August-so one more month of freedom from drugs (the good legal kind).  We are nervous and excited all at once--hoping and praying to have 2 new babies on their way by halloween!

I have been working on a little of this a little of that today.   Did some mowing, weeding, planting, fertilizing, mulch spreading and even helped Quay with a door for a bit. It's nice and cloudy out today but still relatively warm and humid.  Quay has no OT all weekend-so he actually gets a whole weekend off. He doesn't go back to work until Monday night!  I know we plan on spending some time on the lake as it's supposed to be a hot one. Hoping to have a bonfire in the backyard tonight if the rain stays away.

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