Sunday, August 14, 2011


A month!! Wow what's wrong with me? I need to keep up with this-I WILL do better!!  So -what has the last month been like?  Hmmm.....well I must say it's been pretty uneventful. We have just laid low and hung out. Done a few things around the house.  School shopping is done, Ryder has some new clothes and all his school supplies. That was BAD day--don't like school shopping. I don't like school period-I wish I could keep him home forever. I had a nightmare about his first day of Kindergarten this morning before I woke up. It was dreadful!

In late July we took a 2 night trip on the sailboat. It was a fun time but I was ready to be home by the time we got back.  There wasn't much wind the first two days so we ended up floating in the lake for a whole afternoon after tying up in a bay. The last day on the way back we had almost too much wind-made for a nervous mama!

We took a day trip to Medora with our best friends Angie and Phil. We did a little shopping, did the pitchfork fondue and took in the musical. It was a lot of fun!  We drove through the park in the afternoon and went through an entire herd of buffalo!  There were at least 100 of them, so that was THE excitement for the day in my opinon.

Ryder had swimming lessons and passed again. He's on to level 2 next year. He always has fun at lessons. We took the sailboat out last week and had a few passengers aboard-Dan, April, and Joel. Again-not much wind (not sure what's up with this NO wind thing in ND!) but we anchored up and went for a swim.

Just watching life go by, but I am stopping to smell the flowers on the way.  Life is much too short to dwell on what could have been.  God has blessed me tremendously in life and I am so thankful for what I have.  I am giving it all to Him!! I can't worry about it anymore. I need to press on.

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