Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yesterday was a wonderful day!! Ryder and I spent the entire afternoon outside. It was cloudy but warm out, with no wind. We cleaned out flower beds, sprayed weeds, filled bird feeders, mowed.  I finally got the garden tilled-so that needs to get planted. When Quay got home we cut up the tree branches in the backyard that fell last weekend and had a bonfire to burn the sticks.  It was just a nice day-I felt like I got something accomplished. I admired some of my flowers in the yard also!! I love the simple beauty of a flower. No matter what kind it is. Just think of the time and thought God must have put into each flower! Wow!
While I was mowing, Ryder was exploring in the back yard.  I finished and came in the house to find he had picked me some flowers and put them in a vase all by himself.  I asked him how he got the vase down and he replied with "I crawled up on the counter and got it down." Oh boy! haha!  What a sweetheart!

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