Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great week so far!

Quay started his 4 days off on Sunday, and we have spent them wisely! Sunday we planted the garden-and it has gotten a lot of rain so far, so when the sun decides to shine it should take off nicely. Sunday afternoon we headed out to the lake. First we drove over the damn and parked by the spillway to see the water coming out of the gates-WOW is all I have to say. It is quite the sight to see the power and the sound of the water coming out-the turnaround look out point which normally may have a car or two in it in the summer looked like a parking lot at Walmart with all the cars and people! With as much water is coming out of those gates-I can't believe we still have water in our lake. We drove south of Riverdale and went on a small hike to see the waterfall from the spillway gates. We didn't get very close-so we plan on driving back up to take another hike on a closer hill.

Sunday evening we finally made it to the marina. Ryder did a little fishing off the dock-but didn't catch anything. We weren't sure if we were going to stay the night, because the pending weather didn't look too great. But we decided to stay and this time the dogs did really well. Roo laid at our feet all snuggly and shaking from the thunder. Not every night I get a vibrating bed! Ha! Odie laid right below our bed on his dog pillow.  I slept pretty good despite the pounding rain on our "roof" and the splashing of waves on the side of the boat.

Monday we took the Lil' Slippery out on her 1st voyage of the season.  We made it out and back!!  So she floats, sails, and motors! Hooray!  It was a really nice ride--it was a gorgeous afternoon on the lake. We sailed out to the face of the damn and back. Ryder and Quay got truckers driving along the top to honk their horns and waved to all the drivers. I would say 95% of them waved back.  We all got a little sunburned and were pretty tired by the time we got home that evening.  The dogs are going to make wonderful sailing dogs, Odie just laid in the cabin and Roo sat with us up in the cockpit.  I asked Quay if he thought we could go sailing (just me, him, and Ryder--because we did have Rocky and John along to help out) and he thought with a few minor adjustments on the boat we could. Oh boy. I told him to just tell me what direction to point the boat while he hoists the sails-and he thought that sounded pretty good. (I think I can, I think I can). I will just keep repeating that. It all makes me a little nervous, but we'll get the hang of it. I am getting my boat organized too. It now has more home touches to it than Quay's tools.   

Today we went to Bismarck and spent too much money. Imagine that! That's why we don't go very often. It was a rainy day-good day for shopping. We saw the raging river, and I don't envy any of those people in the flooded areas.  I have been flooded myself, and it's not a fun experience. 

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