Saturday, June 18, 2011


Life is all about change.  I don't handle change too well. I have to ease into it. It seems lately many things have changed in my life. Things are different this summer, and the easing has begun. This is the last summer with my boy before he goes to school. I know he will always have summers off, but it's his last summer where only Quay and I and our families have the major influence on him, not his peers at school.  My sister-in-law is now Mrs. Iverson, my brother Dan is married, my brother Andy has a girlfriend, my brother Steven is dating. Wow-that's a lot to take in! I do want one more change (or two!)  in my family life here at home, and I am praying that happens soon. It makes me sad and happy all at once to think about all of these changes-because everything is different again, new.

Ryder and I spent the evening out at the farm yesterday. Dan and April came out as well. We went for a hike to see the pond that is spilling over it's banks onto the road. Ryder enjoyed throwing rocks in to the water to see how far they would go. There is too much water this year in ND. It's a soggy mess, and the rain just keeps on coming.  The guys all played frisbee in the yard while us women watched and laughed at their sillyness.  I love spending time with family-I am so glad we have the opportunity to do it so often.

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