Thursday, September 20, 2012

School pictures

I am never overly impressed with school pictures. I normally have a family member {my SIL and my brother have nice DSLR cameras} take Ryder's pics. But this year, I have my own camera, so I am thinking of heading out to our land {it's almost ours--getting closer anyway} and snapping away at Ryder. 

But, since the school does them and I want my child in the school yearbook, we get them taken and I order the smallest package so that we get a class photo as well. Yesterday was picture day in the elementary school, so before he got on the bus we did a few practice shots at home.  I hope he picked the  smile he has in the large photo here!! Ha!
He is very photogenic {I am not bias at all!} His dad is as well, I don't feel that I am.  He has a nice smile, even with missing teeth.

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  1. You have some lovely shots of Ryder here Lesley. Great idea to do some practice shots at home first.