Monday, September 17, 2012


I have done a few craft things as of late. My sister-in-law {who is expecting a baby within the next few weeks} had this mirror that she wanted in the baby's room. So I came up with an idea and she let me run with it.

Here is the mirror before. It once had a shelf on it where the light colored narrow piece of wood is now. My SIL suggested just cutting that bottom half off but I had bigger ideas!! I had my hubby add this piece and he sanded it all down nice and smooth.

Here is the AFTER!  Her nursery is grey with teal accents. So I primed and painted this, and cut out the vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo for the saying. It turned out so cute!

The next project I did was a fun gift for the new parents. She had two showers {of course I was invited to both}, so for one she got a baby gift, for the other a parent gift. I found the idea on pinterest and ran with it. It was so fun to find all the stuff for it, and I made the little sign in Publisher and tied it on with ribbon.

The "sanitize before snuggles" was also a pinterest idea. I just bought a hand sanitizer, peeled off the label {and used a ton of goo-gone to get the sticky off!}, then cut out the words with my Cameo.

Here are the goodies that this Birth Day Comfort Kit includes: The bag is from Mary Kay that I have had for awhile, it's normally pink on the outside, so I turned it inside out. It came with the neck pillow {perfect for this project!}. On the inside~magazine, cute socks for mom in the hospital, hand sanitizer, chap stick, mouthwash, soft tissues, wet ones, lotion, tic tacs, small notebook and pen, water with small flavor pack, bobby pins and hair rubber band, m&m's, skinny cow candy bars.

You could put any kind of snacks in there. I just chose something I knew they would like.  I hope they enjoy it on the big day! I know I would!

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