Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Okay, so it has only to 3 months since I blogged. Yah-that's a little too long. I guess you could say I took the summer off. Since tomorrow my little man is going back to school. It doesn't bother me as much this year, I know he likes it and has made friends so that just makes it that much easier. He is going to be a big 1st grader! He is excited. He has his clothes all picked out, right down to his underwear. haha!!   His backpack is all ready to go, and I remembered to call the bus driver to say he won't be on in the morning (his mama still needs to take him in on his first day-although little man didn't think so. oy oy oy.) He has Mrs. Barth this year. She is a young teacher, her first year even! She won't be there though after this week because she is having a baby next week, so the kids will have a sub for 6 weeks, but Ryder knows the substitute as well and likes her. 
We are bringing Mrs. Barth a little treat
Back to the grind for another 9 months.  Getting up early and getting little man onto the bus by 8:05am. Luckily he is the last one on and first one off, that will change come next year I hope. Come end of December I will have a little one to take care of also-I am SO excited for that. I will be watching my niece or nephew  (don't know what yet) after my sister in law's 8 week leave.

It was a busy summer with a lot happening.  We started out going to Minneapolis for a little trip (my last blog post) and ended up.....not doing much of anything. June was a busy month. Ryder celebrated his 7th Birthday with a birthday party, 7 little boys came and they had a blast at his dinosaur themed party.
Happy 7th Birthday Ryder

Soon after, my Grandpa Woody started taking a turn for the worse.  We (my mom, Ryder, and  I) went to a birthday party for the folks at the nursing home (his would have been on June 24), and I feel that was the last time we saw him. He slept most of the time, but he did look at us and smiled big when he saw us. When we left, he said goodbye. He told us to take care of Ryder. I wish we would have stayed a little longer because that's the last time I saw my grandpa where he responded and talked to us. He passed away peacefully on  June 17, 2012. Father's Day. How fitting for such a wonderful man. He passed on to his eternal home and I know my Grandma Phyllis and Aunt Cynthia met him at the pearly gates with open arms!! He is in no more pain and I know I will see him again someday.

So that next week was a lot of company and family. I am so glad Ryder got to know his great-grandpa. He was truly a remarkable man. He had a special bond with Ryder, he really thought a lot about him. He always hugged him or shook his hand or patted him on the back every time he saw him. I feel that they had a special relationship and that will be something Ryder will always remember.
Ryder and Granpa Woody (June 2005)
The end of June brought us to a big occasion-my big brother Andy married his lovely bride, Shelly. It was a hot day, but we all enjoyed it. This time for a happy occasion. 
 Andy and I
 My Wiedrich Sisters and I
Andy and Shelly
July...Quay and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything I don't think. Oh wait--we took the power boat out to the lake.  We sold our sailboat in hopes to buy a newer one in the spring. We did the annual Wiedrich Olympics on the 4th of July, most everyone was able to be there.  Late month we went to the state fair. We took in Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan, Chris Young, and Blake Shelton. Ryder went with to the first two and decided that wasn't his thing...yet. He did enjoy ZBB once it got going. 
4th of July
 Zac Brown Band Concert
 Blake Shelton!!
Quay and I at Blake Shelton
August came and went, it's almost to an end as well. Ryder took swimming lessons and we have been out combining with my dad. I have been taking maternity pics for my sister-in-law all summer as well. She is nearing her due date!!
Ryder at swimming lessons
 Ryder and Grandpa Earl going combining
 Harvest time!
I  was in the hot seat of the combine for awhile even! Fun times with my papa.
 Misty at 30 weeks!
Misty and Shawn with their little bundle-on-the-way.

Here are just a few more pics from our summer!!
 At the lake
 Happy Father's Day to Quay
 Wreath I made. :)
 Ryder and the farm kitties
 We bought a backyard pool-Ryder had a lot of fun in it acting like a fish!
 Ryder in the flax field
 Ryder lost a lot of teeth over the summer!
 Our old-man-dog, Roo, enjoying my bed
My niece and nephew came and stayed a week at the farm

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  1. Yo have had an eventful summer! Seems like most of it was very good. I hope Ryder settles back into school very well, and his teacher also.