Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School Days

The little man has almost a week under his belt of first grade. So far so good. His teacher had her baby girl yesterday morning, so she is gone for 6 weeks now. We'll have to go buy her something cute. I asked him what he wanted me to make him for his after school snack and he said "rice krispie bars", so I made them up with fruity pebbles in them also. Yummy!

 My big 1st grader
 Ryder at his new desk
 After school yummy-goodness
 Coming home on the bus
His auntie Misty wants to do a picture every year now on the first day of school (we did it last year too), we didn't catch her in the morning at school, but we did in the afternoon after school at her house.  It may be a challange as he gets older but his auntie will wrangle him up. Haha!

He has 21 children in his room this year.  That may change yet as the year goes on, they will probably get a few new kids with the oil boom. He took cold lunch today, as chili on a day when it's supposed to be 100* probably isn't a good thing.

The night before school, I asked Ryder a few questions and made this during his first day. I am going to try and do this every year. What a great way to look back!

I did very well on the first day. No tears. I am a little lonely at home without his toothless grin to see throughout the day, but I know he's having fun learning and playing with his buddies. This is such a growing time for a child in school, learning how to interact with others.
I found this poem on FB, a friend had posted it. How true and fitting.

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