Monday, April 23, 2012

Well, it's been about a week and I have some things to share.  Friday I worked at the quilt shop, and stupid me tried to cut my finger off with the rotary cutter. Not a smart thing to do. It's healing nicely now, but I will be much more cautious in the future.  I am beginning to think I may take after my father in the  "dumb accident" department. Haha!!

We have since made another offer on the land we so badly would like to own, but haven't heard back yet. This will be our final offer, then we will be forced to move on.  I have my good days and bad days living where I do. We love our house, it's just the location of the house that is frustrating.

Quay has since started his hell month at work, aka...turnaround.  He worked OT on Sunday, and not sure how the next couple of weeks will go.  The extra money is nice, but the lack of seeing my dearest isn't.

Sunday we launched the boat. It was a beautiful evening to do it, so Quay pushed on and it's afloat.

Today I did a few little projects, one of which is my tip jar. I decided I needed one in my laundry room with all the loose change I find. I just used an old pickle jar, spray painted the lid after I cut a hole in the top with a utility knife (no I guess I haven't learned my lesson with sharp tools yet-ha!), and cut out my words on my Cameo. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.  I started another project, but it isn't finished yet, so that photo is yet to come.

The weather is beautiful again for a few days. Ryder spent some time coloring our driveway yesterday.

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  1. my littles absolutely love sidewalk chalk. so fun.

  2. oh I miss those sidewalk chalk girls our now teens, down in the kitchen making dinner...that's pretty good too! beautiful photo of the boat at sea.

  3. Got to remember to shoot when my kids are painting with chalk - thanks for the inspiration and blog love :-)

  4. I've been banned from using sharp objects -- lol.

    I do hope you get a yes on your land bid. That would be awesome!

    Thanks for sharing at YSB this week, Lesley.

  5. I hope you bid is accepted. And for the love of Pete, stop cutting yourself!

    I could use a nice sail right about now.

  6. Oh I know that feeling, we're currently trying to buy something, too. Good luck to you!

    Love the chalk photos, your son might take after his creative mama then :)