Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Wow-May has arrived! This just so happens to be my favorite month for so many reasons.  First off, it's my birthday month. I don't care about getting older, but I do like that I get a special day all to myself. Second, school gets out! Hip hip hooray! I love the end of the school year, because it brings my Third reason-summer starts. Fourth, now that I am a mom-I also get to celebrate Mother's Day with my little man who always makes it special. Fifth, the weather starts getting nice and the trees (mostly my favorite-lilacs) all start blooming. I am sure there are more--but those are my top 5 for sure.

Last week was the slowest week ever I swear. It just drug on and on. And it's not even that I didn't keep busy, but Quay worked almost every day and Ryder was in school, so I was left to fend for myself.  Tuesday I got a cyst removed from my arm.  I ran to Beulah on Wednesday with my mom, we stopped at the thrift store and I picked up some cool frames that I have a few plans for. We also stopped to see my grandpa at the nursing home. Thursday I went to Beulah again to get my drivers license renewed-and wouldn't you know it-my picture actually turned out good! I am so glad because it has to last for 6 years!! Wow-just think--the next time I get a new license again I will  be turning 40. Yikes!  In and amongst all that excitement I started prepping for my rummage sale which is in a few days.

The weekend was rainy. I enjoyed it--I love rain, it's just so refreshing and makes a person just want to bundle up inside with a hot drink and a warm fire (which we did!)  Ryder did get out on Saturday and jump in the puddle before it all disappeared back in to the ground. He got some good use out of those rain boots. Sunday we went with my parents to the nursery in Beulah, we bought a few succulents. Sunday was my hubby's only day off for the week.

Now we are onto a new week and a new month. I look forward to all that it will bring.

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  1. Lots of reasons to celebrate May in your corner of the world! Yay for a good licence photo too!

  2. Busy busy! But I was too at your young age, girlie. You have the energy for it. :)