Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's been a couple weeks again and so much has happened. Well....maybe not that much.

We finally got an answer about our land, it's a no-go.  The 3rd partner that told us how much she wanted per acre is a bad business person. We accepted what she said she wanted, and she defaulted on that and wants much more now. We said no way, it isn't worth it.  She doesn't realize that she's making nothing on that land now, and not selling it is a dumb mistake on her part. She's money hungry obviously.  Some people.  We are disappointed, we were really started to "plan" stuff for that piece of land, but I am sure there is a reason God doesn't want us to have it. 

Ryder learned how to ride his bike without training wheels!! Yay for Ryder!  We are so proud of him for toughing it out. 

I decided to get crafty and made a few of these headbands out of old t-shirts. I love it!

The weather has been gorgeous lately! Blue skies, birds chirping. Sounds like spring. A very early spring though for here in ND. I'll take it though.
 Coloring the sidewalks
 Gorgeous blue sky
 Lilac tree buds
 Happy dog Odie
No more training wheels!
Our kitty Garfield peeking out of the shed.
Our lily plant

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