Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring break

No school tomorrow as it is "spring break". Yah-one whole day! Haha.  At least the weather actually feels like spring. It is supposed to get into the 70's again today and tomorrow nearing 80*!! I'll take it!  Not sure what we will do this weekend, Quay works nights through Saturday, but we'll find something. 

I am afraid we are raising a Romeo in our home.  I don't know what we did or if we did anything to cause this (the kissing and hugging in front of the kid is healthy I thought?), but my little man has puppy love-not for just one, but 2 girls in his classroom.  I learned about one a couple of months ago. They ride the bus together and she is a little cutie-pie. Now I learned that he seems to be crushing on another little girl as well.  It's so cute. He tells me openly that he likes these girls, but then gets all goofy and says I can't tell anyone. Hehe.

My son is also so afraid of failure. Not that we all aren't, but he is such a perfectionist!  Yesterday morning before school I realize he left his hat and gloves at school the day before. So I ask Ryder about it and then reminded him that his teacher had warned the kids that they would lose their green card if they forget things like this (it's the discipline in the classroom-lose your green card to a yellow, then to a red).  He was very nervous about it. Nervous enough that I had to drag him to the bus when it came. He was using the excuse that he was cold, but I know deep down he just didn't want to go to school for fear of getting into "trouble".  Well--turns out he didn't get his green card taken away. Whew.  But the bad thing is-he forgot them again last night after school.  You really can't blame the kid-it's in his genes. His dad is constantly forgetting something somewhere, and I am not much better. Just yesterday I left my sunglasses laying at my parents house.

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