Thursday, March 28, 2013


I know I have been slacking on this. It sucks.

So much to catch up on. 
 Our house is sold, just waiting on a closing date from the bank.
Our new house should be getting a start today.
Our land deal is STILL not done-waiting on some paperwork from seller. Sick of waiting.
 Our house got hit by a car at 2am about a month ago-so that's been very stressful dealing with the insurance companies.
Packing is going slow-I did pack a whole trailer worth, but it's come to a halt at the moment.
I am ready for spring.
So last night as we were watching "The Bible" I was in total awe.  The program was showing when Jesus walked down to meet John the Baptist as he was baptizing people in the water. I swear my heart almost stopped beating as I thought about the feeling I would have looking into the face of Jesus for the first time.
 What a glorious day that will be!!
I got a true relaxed feeling overwhelm me as I watched, thinking of that moment. Even as I think of it now, tears fill my eyes, and joy fills my heart. Oh what a day it's going to be when I see the face of God! He has helped me  through so much in  my life, and I just praise him for his never ending love!!
Easter is my favorite time of year, I have decided that. I always thought it was Christmas, but I think Easter really is #1 in my heart.  The newness of it all-knowing what Jesus did for us on that cross-knowing my sins are washed clean if all I do is ask. Jesus lives in my heart and He is there to stay!!

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