Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love my boy so much!

So, yesterday  as I was going through Ryder's school papers  I come across a brochure for a summer camp. He asked me what it is, so I continue to read it to him. There is a camp for 6-8 year olds {beginners} that is only 3 days long. I tell him that we would take him {it's an hour drive from our house} and leave him there and there are camp counselors and lots of other kids.

He  BROKE DOWN. He laid his head on the table and just burst into tears-"I can't be gone from you and Dad for 3 days!!"

My poor little boy must take after his mama-I never wanted to be gone either. He's such a softy. I personally don't like going places without Quay {longer than a day or so that is}, after I am gone I just feel like half of me is missing.

So glad my little boy still likes being with us. :)

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