Monday, February 10, 2014

A new wave {product review!}

So, we were in town over the weekend and the salon supply store is always out of the hair product I like {Bed Head Creative Genius}. So I decided to try some new products. I ended up bringing home 3 different products but I think one of them I will let my mother in law have. She needs a new one as well.

So yesterday I decided to do a trial run on product #1. Bed Head Totally Baked and my diffuser on my blow dryer. 

 I used my diffuser which I don't normally use because my hair has ALWAYS been stick straight. But I noticed a few days ago after my bath that my hair had a little wave to it from the humidity. So I gave it a go. And what came out was absolutely wonderful! I loved it! It gave my hair a texture and a slight wave which I have never had. I LOVE finding new products that actually work!! Even my bangs look pretty darn good and those I did nothing with other than blow dry them to the side.

I still have two more products to try too!! How exciting. It's the little things in life that make it all worth while--right?!

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