Saturday, January 4, 2014


Here I sit, at my new snack bar in my new house with a wonderful cup of coffee and my laptop. This was a long time coming-and it's still not technically done. Oh well. 

We moved into our house the weekend before Christmas, we only came with what we needed-so beds, clothes, food. It has been nice to be in our own place! It's been way too long! There is still some work to do-some doors and baseboards, a few counter tops need to be finished, but I am holding steady at the fact that I am here and can monitor any work from here on it first hand!

It has been a long stressful build, but we are nearing the very end, and I think all the stressfulness is over. Well-the banking side isn't done yet-so that may still get the best of me. But for now-I am holding out that we are good to go. Pictures to come.

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