Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life as it is

Oh life why must you go so fast. Before I know it I will be old and grey. Oh down! We don't want that yet!
So October has come and gone. It was a very warm month, so fall was extended somewhat. I took Ryder to the pumpkin patch. Quay wasn't able to go with, so Steven tagged along. We did a little shopping later and went out for lunch. We ended it with a visit to Andy and Shelly's house.  It was a very fun day! I love spending time with my boys! (yes-Steven is considered one of "my boys" since he's my brother) I have a lot of boys in my life and I love them all!!

What a beautiful morning sunrise!!

Andy and Shelly had their 2nd annual Halloween party. Last year we didn't make it, but this year I went. We watched a movie and played a game...Halloween style. It was a great time with all my siblings (minus my husband who had to work).

We got a pumpkin carved, my boys cleaned it out and I did the face carving. So it was a team effort!  The next day was halloween. I helped out for Ryder's class party-what a great group of children. They all love to tell you interesting things! I just love kids! Ryder decided this year he wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Those are his favorite movies!  So many kids didn't know what he was-I guess they don't watch the classics. Ha! Trick or treating that evening was a chill-fest as normal. We all dressed appropriately and were still cold. But, lots of candy was given (and we still have a lot!)

My Halloween party attire for the 1st grade party! :) 
It's now November, and the snow has come. This was a beautiful snowfall-big flakes! I love snow-but only for a month or two. Unfortunately here in North Dakota we aren't that lucky.

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