Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ahhh socks!

I love being a housewife/stay at home mom, but I really dislike some of the stuff that goes along with it. Like cleaning. I really don't enjoy doing it. Must be why it doesn't get done often enough. And laundry. I don't mind throwing the clothes in the washer or the dryer-but what comes next absolutely has to be the worst thing ever-folding and hanging. 

loving this for the laundry room

This morning I was in a 'mood'. Okay-so I have been in a 'mood' state of mind for a few days now. Bless my husbands heart that he is still alive living in this house.  I went to sort laundry this morning and what do my wondering eyes spy? Socks (and lots of them) all inside out.  This is a BIG pet peeve of mine. I thought I had trained him years ago how NOT to put your socks in the hamper, but I guess his brain must have erased that life lesson.  I informed him that they will go into my washing machine "as-is" and then into his drawer "as-is".  Lo and behold-when I went to actually do those loads a few hours later-the socks had all magically turned themselves the right way. Hmm.  My son has inherited this inside-out gene from my husband, but I have also since trained him the right and wrong of hampering.

I hate when I get in this "state of mind". No one can really do right by me, it's my way or the highway buddy. The lady in billing got a piece of my mind on Monday because of their assanine billing, today someone else almost got another piece of it on the phone because some dumb "credit card services" keeps calling my house twice a day and it always states on the answering machine that 'this is your last chance'. I sure wish they would keep that promise. Because today when I actually picked up the phone and "George" answered and I said immediately "TAKE MY NAME AND NUMBER OFF THIS LIST!!!!" , he hung up on me! The nerve!!  So we called back right away and got some kind of recording. Scammers.  If they call again tomorrow I will be prepared.

I am hoping to be in a better mood tomorrow-but I am not making any promises.


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